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    therestree on this website is a waste
    joeymaster12 on this website is staying.
    Teddy50405 on this website is staying.
    Teddy50405 on this website is staying.
    mlop87 on this website is a waste
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    "Hey, I'm Safle. Ive been in this army longer than anyone else still in it, because i was the co founder.
    I started Club Penguin in October of 2006. I stopped going on after about a year of Club Penguin. In November 2008 I joined the Nachos, my first Club Penguin army. I stayed loyal to them all the time and went through the ranks. On May 31 2009 Tippitytip recruited me to be in BTCP. I was the 3rd person in the army and the only one who hasn't retired.
    I was there when the army was at its peak in August of 2009. Then when the army became inactive, so did I. When I came back, I was demoted to Co-Leader and helped this army come back. At the retirement of Waddle5897 on 1/1/10 I became his succeeder. Long Live BTCP!"

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    Hey my ClubPenguin name is Henley. My real name is..... why would you want to know? I am known as Henley by most people, Henly by Teddy, and Mysterion to those I do not know. Anyways, I joined BTCP on August 28th, 2009 at exactly 2:35 pm. How I know that is another story. BTCP was my first CP army I joined, being brought here by a penguin I beleive was controlled by Galanoth. Before I joined BTCP, the only army I ever knew of was ACP, which I never really understood. Anyways, this is getting pretty long so basically to sum it all up I think im a good leader and I beleive that others think that too and I hope to assure this army a good future. ~Henley~
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Hello everybody.  You might be saying right now, “Holy shit, it’s Henley!”.  You also might not be saying anything because I doubt anyone checks this anymore.  I know I don’t.  But I came here on a memory trip and there certainly are oh so many memories here.  I remember the names I see on the Ranks page, for better or worse (Damnit Teddy).  We all had a lot of good times here and this will most likely be the last time I post here or maybe even think about this site.  But to anyone who might come back on a memory trip like myself, I would love to talk to you guys again.  If you would like to talk and reflect on the past or whatever, you can find me at the contacts below.  I doubt anyone will get to read this but I would be happy if just 1 person came back and saw this.  I’d really like to reunite with the old leaders (Safle, 27heart28, Demery) and although he has cause us a hell of a lot of trouble, it would be nice to see Teddy again.  Everyone else who was here and remember me are welcome to contact me as well, but don’t be mad if I do not remember you.  I spent some time with Waddle (Bacon) and ddillon on this game called Roblox, which I recommend.

Edit: Contacts removed, comment if you want any.

Sincerely yours,


P.S I don’t use the name Henley anymore for like anything, but if you are adding me on something mention the name and I will know you saw this.

P.P.S If you don’t want to use any of the above but want to talk, I might try to keep a tab of the old chat room ( http://xat.com/Black_Troops_Of_ClubPenguin ) open for a few days but honestly I don’t know how long that will last.  Also, I might not be able to recover my Xat account but if I can’t I will at least make my name have Henley in it so you know who it is.

this website is staying.

I could not believe it.

we got 2 comments in under a month.  that is great. I sort of knew henely would  respond but not hearts. I will keep this website open do what you like with it henely has full rein with hearts. if hearts is not a leader or commender ( I have not been in a cp army for a while so I don’t remember  if it is commender or leader.) I would like him to be promoted. ( I have zero control over it but think why not?)

Thank you anyone that was in this army (not including teddy 🙂 I’m just joking) it was fun while it lasted.


Noah Block

as you know me as



this website is a waste

this army is dead. Henley and me are the only people looking at this so henley this army has gone to crap forget it I made it and I can tell when it is game over. This is way past game over. I need 2 comments from two different people to keep this website from staying up because this is just wasting word-press space. then I will leave it up for a memorial to all the people that tried to have this army to keep going you have till June 12, 2011 I doubt that we can even get 2 comments on this post by then.




Hey people I know this army is like completely dead, and thats coming from ME.  Im sorry I didnt do anything about this when I said I would, and I dont think I or anyone can.  I admitted defeat a long time ago and I have already quit CP and probably I will never be back on it.  Im just here posting saying that anyone who wants to talk about something I will be on chat tomorrow from around 12:00 AM EST to 2:00 PM, probably playing something else but if your on and I dont respond just keep posting or do some very loud and obnoxious sound.  This message will self destruct in 95628493 years.  See you people there, but probably not, but maybe, but probably not, but yea maybe.


thursday will work (tommorow)

that is not the real reason I am here posting this though.

I wanted to say that please do not include me in this army as a full member I am willing to help but please I am not coming out of retirement.


Okay we have the people but we need to talk now. We need to schedule a day and time where we can go onto the chat and talk about how we can do this. Toby, Diggums, Gir, and Hearts, please comment below with a time we could meet and we will all decide on a time.


hello again

Most likely none of you remember me.

I will give you some hints.

I was around when person was a leader in the nachos

I was the creator of this website and admin

I quit about 1 year ago almost to this day.

I am TTobyTobe

I have looked every once and a while on the website.

since  I left this army has went to pieces.

from years of experience of club penguin army’s this army has not reached its top but if no one will help it will be gone the 2 posts made by henely were over 2 months apart.

Im still surprised that anyone makes any posts.

but if anyone except  me and henley look at these posts there is still hope.

one person could make the difference so I say yes to Henley’s plan